Seller Services

Basic Package Shell Scheme
The Basic Package Scheme includes the following:
System walls, white Fascia, with Company’s name and booth no. in vinyl sticker cut-out
Standart Booth Specification:

  • Standard size 3.00 m x 3.00 m
  • Partition of R 8 aluminum system structure
  • Fascia name with graphic of PVC cut out
  • 1 (one) reception desk
  • 2 (two) folding chairs
  • 2 (two) fluorescent lamps at fascia @ 40 watt
  • 1 (one) power socket with electricity 2 Amp. Single phase (400 watts)
  • (Please see the following scheme)
    No additional booth fittings or display may be attached to the standard shell scheme structure.
  • Wall panels must be returned after the exhibition without any damages. Nailing, drilling, wallpapering, inappropriate cello tape, etc. are prohibited. Please make sure that you have enough chains, support brackets, or special double-stick pads to display/hang your graphics.